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HomeSpellingWords was developed for use by families and homeschools. It is a free spelling website with spelling games, activities and free spelling lists that can be imported into an account for practice. Members can also create their own custom spelling lists and practice immediately.

SpellingStars differs from HomeSpellingWords in that teachers and students all have individual login ids and passwords. Additionally, teachers can run reports by class or by student. Teachers can also check out specific tests to one or more students. Tests and pre-tests are graded by the program allowing the teacher or volunteers to spend time on other activities.

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Student Benefits

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Take Spelling To The Next Level
  • Practice lists online from anywhere with an Internet Connection
  • Spelling Lists are available 24/7.
  • Students see, hear, and type each word.
  • Practice sentences help build vocabulary.
  • Tests are graded instantly.
  • Works on any computer and iPad.