Learn math the easy way with our adaptive approach. If a student has mastered a particular area, they are able to move on. If not, they are presented the lesson again in other ways to help them learn.

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Math Pyramid

Interactive Lessons
Lessons require student interaction. Concepts are first taught and then students answer a series or questions in a fun and challenging way.
Adaptive Learning
Adaptive Learning
Adaptive learning provides a way for every student to learn at his or her own pace. If a student has mastered a topic they are able to move on to the next lesson. Students who need a little extra time or different explanations to master the topic are given more lessons to help solidify learning.
Offline Activities
Math Pyrmid also provides a number of printable offline activities for students. This includes worksheets and games.
Graded Lessons
Our online math lessons are graded for teacher use. Each student has their own login id and password for privacy.